In Battle Bouncers your heroes are your frontline defences from the forces of chaos in the world! Each hero has a unique set of skills to best handle certain enemies or stages and you have a few ways to make them more powerful.

Stars: Each hero can have their Stars increased by obtaining shards for that hero.  Each time you increase the Stars of your hero, they’ll gain a large boost in power!

Rune Rank: The Rune Rank of a hero indicates their “equipped items” in a sense.  Once you equip a full set of runes you’re able to increase the Rune Rank of that hero and boost their stats increasing their damage and health, etc.

Skill Levels:  Each hero has two skills, one active and one passive.  Active skills are powerful tools to handle a variety of scenarios and enemies depending on the hero.  Hero skills can be levelled up with Scrolls which can be found in Tower Mode and in the shop.

You’ll have to take full advantage of all three ways to power up to make your heroes as strong as they can be to tackle the hardest challenges of Battle Bouncers.